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David Newton’s Chimney Services offers quality chimney caps to fit any size and style of chimney. Chimney caps protect your chimney from invasion by birds and animals, keep leaves and debris from falling down the chimney and help protect the chimney against rain and weather damage.


BIRDS & ANIMALS, including squirrels, raccoons, bats and other unsavory wildlife (and even snakes) are attracted to chimneys because they’re a high structure that seems to offer them great protection to live and raise their young. While adult animals can easily come and go, their babies may not be able to escape up the chimney. They may come down into your home through the fireplace but often they just die in there, creating horrible smells and sometimes maggot infestations. The problem doesn’t stop there, because the nesting materials that are left behind are also flammable; this blockage can prevent the chimney from drafting properly as well as supplying fuel for a potential chimney fire. A chimney cap will prevent wildlife from entering and causing a myriad of problems.



RAIN AND WEATHER can cause considerable damage, especially to masonry chimneys. The chimney cap helps prevent water from entering your chimney and offers some protection, as well, to the chimney’s mortar crown. Open fireplaces with gas logs should always have a chimney cap installed; if water makes its way into your fireplace then the gas control valve can get wet, leading to expensive repairs that are not covered by warranties.

DETERIORATED MORTAR CROWN. Note that where the mortar crown had completely deteriorated away near the edges, the mortar between the bricks is also gone. The damage continues from the top down, and a strong wind can simply blow the top of the chimney over – onto the roof or your car below.




SPARK PROTECTION is provided by chimney caps that have screened sides, helping prevent sparks from coming out of the top of your chimney and igniting nearby trees and leaves. If the area where you live is wooded then it is especially important that you have a chimney cap installed.

CHIMNEY CAP STYLES are numerous. Our most popular chimney cap is made of stainless steel and provides a lifetime warranty - install it once and it should never need replacement. We also offer solid copper chimney cap styles that arrive in a shiny finish like a new penny, and will age to a wonderful patina over time. If you have a single chimney with multiple flues, we can install a multi-flue chimney cap the looks much better than 2 caps jammed up against each other while providing optimum drafting.






We do NOT RECOMMEND black metal chimney caps. They rust apart, and can even leave nasty rust stains on your chimney. While they’re cheaper, they may not even last a year. We replace a lot of black chimney caps with stainless steel or copper caps that will truly last a lifetime.

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