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David Newton’s Chimney Services also provides professional dryer vent cleaning services. Just as chimneys can become clogged with creosote and cause a chimney fire, dryer vents can become clogged with flammable lint that can cause a house fire. In fact, dryer vents cause more home fires than chimneys do, causing about 20,000 fires annually.

If your clothes are slow to dry it’s a good bet that your dryer vent is the culprit. Dryers work by blowing heated air through your clothes, which both removes moisture and pulls lint from your clothes. This moisture is normally exhausted to the outdoors through the dryer’s vent. But if the venting duct has become clogged with lint, the moisture cannot be removed properly and 2 or more cycles may be needed to dry your clothes. The electricity used to dry a load of clothes is about $1, so if your dryer suddenly takes double cycles to dry your clothes then the costs multiply quickly.


A dryer that can’t vent correctly can easily become overheated during operation, damaging clothing.  High operating temperatures can damage parts, or even cause a house fire. Before you replace your dryer, be sure and check your dryer vent!

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LINT IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! In fact, you can use dryer lint in a pinch as kindling for your fireplace. It is very important to clean the lint trap on your dryer after every use, and to check for lint buildup in your dryer vent regularly. Please ask us to check your dryer vent while we’re at your home cleaning your chimney.

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