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Chimney Water Damage


This chimney has been damaged by the weather from years of neglect. Learn its problems, why they occurred and how it was fixed.


The MORTAR CROWN has deteriorated, allowing water to seep into the bricks at the top and subsequently into the fireplace. The mortar crown is a sloped bed of mortar at the top that allows rain to be shed off. Without going on the roof you may not realize what's happening; if you see water in your fireplace or on the face wall above the fireplace opening then chances are that your mortar crown is deteriorated. This chimney's crown is so bad that there's moss growing on it and the bricks are discolored by mold.

The chimney got a thorough power washing to clean it up, and the bricks were waterproofed with a clear sealant to protect it, as the home is in a shady wooded area.

After scraping off the old mortar crown - and the moss - a new mortar crown was laid.

Now while the new mortar crown will help protect those bricks at the top, it's still a good idea to install a chimney cap to cover it.

While a standard chimney cap is small and merely protects the flue from getting rained in - as well as keeping out birds and animals - an oversize chimney cap will also help protect this new mortar crown as well.

The chimney is now cleaned up AND well protected against mold, mildew, moss, rain and snow as well as birds building nests or raccoons getting in. The lid on this chimney cap is hinged, making it easier to sweep the chimney when I go back. Made of stainless steel, this chimney cap should withstand weather damage as long as the house still stands and should never need to be replaced.

We do offer chimney caps in copper as well. When installed they're shiny like a new penny but age to a verdi gris patina.

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