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Tapered Grates

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Price: $179.00
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Prod. Code: 222-18628

Tapered grates are curved at the front and back, resulting in a self-feeding fire. As the bottom logs burn, the upper logs shift into place resulting in less fire tending. 4 sizes available - review sizes below. ALL MODELS ARE 16" DEEP.

Extra heavy 1.07" x 0.62" diamond steel stock, offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY

20.5" model is 24-1/2" front width, 17-1/2" rear width

24.5" model is 24-1/2" front width, 20-1/2" rear width

28.5" model is 28-1/2" front width, 24-1/2" rear width

33.5" model is 33-1/2" front width, 28-1/2" rear width

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