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Traditional Spark Guard, 4 Sizes

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This is an updated version of the colonial fireplace spark guard, substantially constructed with a bottom kick plate and traditional brass handles. The kick plate is important because everyone I've ever seen use a spark guard in this style tends to push or kick it into place with their foot! In colonial times, spark protection was even more important than it is today where the fireplace was used for both cooking and heating. This practical design offers maximum protections against sparks exiting the top or sides. It also offers maximum stability as it's unlikely to topple over if a toddler falls against it.

Brass handles make this screen easy to move to load or tend the fire. All sizes are 6-1/2" deep.

In selecting the right size, allow for at least a 1" overlap, therefore, add 2 inches to the width of your fireplace and 1 inch to the top.

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