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Steel Wood Rack - 2 sizes

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Prod. Code: 222-SLRM + SLRCS-M

Ever notice how the bottom of your wood pile is where firewood starts to rot first? That's because if it sits on the ground then it's absorbing moisture. Get the wood off the ground and you'll have dry wood that burns more efficiently!

Made of heavy duty tubular steel in a powder coated gloss black finish. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

If you've been a customer for awhile then we have likely had a full discussion about how important it is to keep your firewood dry. If not, here's the short story: it's the moisture in your wood that makes it hard to light, that keeps it from burning efficiently. Wet wood requires the water to be boiled out before it can dry, and this moisture mixes with the smoke and is the main contributor to wet wood. That's why we include the cover with this firewood rack. Raising the wood off of the ground keeps the bottom of the pile dry, and the cover protects it from the top.


Available in 2 sizes

Medium is 45W x 46H x 14D (holds 1/2 face cord)
Large is 87W x 46H x 14D (holds full face cord)

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